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310M - Connect-IT 310 Passive CCTV Baluns by PATTON

310M - Connect-IT 310 Passive CCTV Baluns

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  • Communicate over existing telephone lines or other twisted pair media
  • Connect twisted pair using RJ45 or terminal block
  • Distances up to 2,230 feet (680 meters) over Cat5 cable
  • No AC or power required and supports bi-directional signal conversion


Mfg SKU # : 310M
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310M is The Model 310M CCTV Modular Balun allows a single composite CCTV video signal to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair for more versatile security and surveillance cabling. Used in pairs, the CCTV Balun eliminates costly and bulky coax cable.
UTP: 24 gauge or lower, twisted pair
Impedance: 100 Ohm at 1 MHz
Max. Capacitance: 20 pf/ft
Attenuation: 6.6 dv/1000 ft @ 1 MHz
BNC: Impedance: 75 Ohm @ 1 MHz (RG-59)
Bandwidth: Video DC to 8 MHz
Maximum Input: 1.1 Vp-p
Impedance: 75 to 100 Ohm
Insertion Loss: Max 2 dB per pair over frequency range from DC to 8 MHz
Return Loss: Greater than 15 dB over the frequency range from DC to 8 MHz
Common mode rejection: Greater than 40 dB at 8 MHz
Active Pins: 8+ 7-
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