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CBFL-VSN - Cloud Based Feature License (12 month) for running Trinity on one virtual machine (VM) by PATTON

CBFL-VSN - Cloud Based Feature License (12 month) for running Trinity on one virtual machine (VM)

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  • VoIP Security - Network separation with SIP Back 2 Back UA, intrusion protection, DoS prevention, trust peer, Signaling encryption (SIP-TLS), Stateful Firewall
  • Session Control - Dynamic SIP Session allocation for a high number of calls. SessionRouter allows flexible call routing and numbering plan adaptations, CLIP/CLIR, hold, transfer, and much more.
  • SIP Normalization - SIP-SIP Interworking – Normalizing different, vendor specific SIP implementations – “dialects”. Demarcation point, separation between networks
  • Network Monitoring & Assessment - Network monitoring probe* for QoS measurements and proactive alerting to minimize problems. SLA assurance at demarcation point
  • Load Balancing - Call load distribution across multiple network links.
  • IP Routing & Networking - IP Routing Protocol support; GRE, VRRP, RIP, L2TP, etc.
  • High Availability - Stateful call failover incl. proactive dead call detection. SBC redundancy and failover to secondary, virtual instances
  • Proprietary Software - Utilizes proprietary Trinity™ Software for added security


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The Patton Model CBFL-VSN delivers the features you need for advanced voice network applications that need to be easily scaled up and down. At the same time, it eliminates hardware limitations which are required for the performance of the application.

The Virtual SmartNode provides the comprehensive feature set needed for you as an enterprise or service provider looking to virtualize your infrastructure.

Secure your VoIP infrastructure by encrypting signaling streams using the Virtual SmartNode.

DoS prevention, trust peer, toll fraud prevention, stateful firewall QoS, voice quality assessment and monitoring and much more, is part of the virtualized Patton SmartNode* as well as IP routing, including IPv4 and IPv6 networking features.

SmartNodes are the leading and field proven CPEs running Patton Proprietary OS. The same, feature rich software used on the purpose build hardware devices, can also be used in virtual environments for a high level of scalability and service availability.

Voice Signaling
  • SIPv2 & SIPv2 over TLS
  • SIP over IPv4 & IPv6
  • SIP call transfer, redirect
  • Overlap or en-bloc dialing
  • DTMF in-band, out-of-band
  • G.722
  • G.711m/A-law
  • G.723.1 (6.4 kbps)
  • G.729, 729a, 729ab (8 kbps)
  • G.726 (16, 24, 32, 40 Kbps)
  • Transparent Clearchannel (RFC 4040)
  • iLBC at 13.33 & 15.2 kbps
  • AMR-NB (4.75, 5.15, 5.9, 6.7, 7.4, 7.95, 10.2, 12.2 kbps)
Call Routing & Services
  • Regular expression number matching
  • Regular expression number manipulation
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Call load distribution
  • Number blocking
  • Short-Dialing
  • Digit collection
  • Distribution-Groups and Hunt-Groups
  • Seamless call failover
  • Detection of RTP loss
  • SIP Back-to-Back User Agent
  • SIP Registrar*
  • Network separation
  • SIP back to back UA*
  • TLS*
  • Open VPN* / IPSec* / L2TP*
  • DoS detection & prevention
  • Iintelligent ACL
  • SIP Trusted Peer
IP Networking
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack
  • Routing Protocol support GRE, VRRP, BGP, RIPv1&v2
  • Policy, Packet and packet length Based Routing
  • IP Multi-Netting, VLAN, Secondary IP
  • Network Address and Port translation (NAT/NAPT)
  • IPv4 & IPv6 DHCP Client & Server
  • Trusted peer
Quality of Service
  • PacketSmart™ Network Assessment & Monitoring*
  • Voice priority, DownStreamQoS™
  • Traffic Management, shaping policing
  • IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1Q, 4096 VLANs (Tag insertion/deletion), TOS, DiffServ Labeling
  • Dynamic resource licensing model (leased / floated)
  • Changeable MAC address
  • Web/HTTPs, CLI with Telnet and SSH access
  • WebWizard
  • Fully Documented CLI
  • Telnet and HTTPs access
  • TR-069, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS configuration up- and download
  • TR-069, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS firmware upgrade
  • SNMPv1-3 agent
  • Radius, Tacacs+
  • Separate config domain (LAN side config and WAN side config)
  • MIB II and private MIB
  • Built-in diagnostic tools
  • Secure Auto-Provisioning with built in root CA
  • Each vSN instance requires 1 License
  • Software Feature Licenses are to be obtained from Patton Cloud
  • See for more details
Performance Requirement 500 Mhz per 250 calls
System Requirements Virtualized Machine:
  • CPU: 64bit x86 architecture (single core or more)
  • Hypervisor (KVM, VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V)
  • RAM: a minimum of 1024 MB
  • HDD: min. 1024 MB
  • Network: at least 1 Ethernet adapter (virtual)
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