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VP-2111 - C Programming ViewPAC Controller with 3.5' display and function keys built in by ICP DAS

VP-2111 - C Programming ViewPAC Controller with 3.5" display and function keys built in

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C Language Based ViewPAC Programmable Controller with rubber keypad and MiniOS7 Operating System. IP65 Compliant Front Panel.


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viewpac family

The ICP DAS ViewPAC, VP-211x and VH-211x series has a 16-bit CPU, 128 x 64 resolution graphic display, silicon rubber keypad, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 communication ports and 3 I/O expansion slots. It also equips a DOS-like OS called MiniOS7. Users can develop programs, use C compilers to create 16-bit executable files (*.exe) then download it to the controller. Turbo C 2.0 or Turbo C++ 1.0.1 can be used to compile application programs and generate execution files. The execution files can be download to VP-211X and VH-211x via RS-232 or Ethernet port. We recommend Turbo C++ 1.01. There are many demo programs available for reference. For TCP/IP programming, we provide a TCP/IP server template named XServer. It is a very powerful, easy use and flexible tool that can save 90% development time.

ViewPAC combines iPAC, a graphic display and keypad in one unit. It equips an 80186 CPU (16-bit and 80MHz) running a MiniOS7 operating system, several communication interface (Ethernet, RS-232/485), 3 slots to expand I/O modules, STN LCD and a rubber keypad. Its operating system, MiniOS7, can boot up in a very short time (0.4~0.8 seconds). It has a built-in hardware diagnostic function, and supports the full range of functions required to access all high profile I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, Counter/Frequency, and motion control modules. Compared to traditional HMI + PLC solutions, ViewPAC reduces overall system cost, space and gives you all the best features of HMIs and PLCs.

  • Software Features:
    • MiniOS7 Embedded Operating System (DOS-like)
    • C language Based Software Development Toolkit
    • Modbus Library Provided
    • Hardware Diagnostic Functions
    • Load Files via RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Hardware Features:
    • 80186, 80 MHz CPU (16-bit)
    • IP65 Compliant Front Panel
    • STN LCD with Chinese Font
    • Rubber Keypad with 24 Keys
    • 3 Slots for High Profile I/O Modules
    • One 10/100M Ethernet Port
    • 64-bit Hardware Serial Number for Software Protection
    • 64MB NAND Flash for Data Storage
    • Dual Battery Backup SRAM (512 KB)
    • Rich I/O Expansion Ability
      • Ethernet
      • RS-232/422/485
      • FRnet
      • CAN bus
    • Operating Temperature: -15°C ~ +55°C
  • Applications:
    • Environment monitoring
    • factory automation
    • building management systems
    • industrial machine control
CAN Interface
NXP 82C250
Channel number
3-pin screwed terminal block (CAN_GND, CAN_L, CAN_H)
Baud Rate (bps)
5 k ~ 800 k
3000 VDC for DC-to-DC, 2500 Vrms for photo-couple
Terminator Resistor
Jumper for 120 Ω terminator resistor
ISO-11898-2, CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
Power supply
Unregulated +10 ~ +30 VDC
Power reverse polarity protection, Over-voltage brown-out protection
Power Consumption
2 W
72mm x 118mm x 33mm (W x L x H)
Operating Temp.
-25 ~ 75 ℃
Storage Temp.
-30 ~ 80 ℃
10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing


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