One-click mounting.

DINSTORAGE installs in seconds onto your existing DIN rails.

Uses & Applications

Say goodbye to unorganized control panels.

  • Spare Fuses (All major brands)
  • Spare components
  • Consumables
  • Tools
  • Wire-tags
  • Screws/Nuts/Bolts
  • Communication adapters

See It In Action

Installing DINSTORAGE modules is fast and doesn’t require any tools.

Check it out now!

Why DIN Storage?

One-click mounting means no screws, bolts, or complicated installation techniques. DINSTORAGE installs in seconds onto your existing DIN rails.

FITS IEC/EN 60715 DIN Rails

All DINSTORAGE rail accessories are designed to fit standard 35mm DIN rails. One snap is all that’s needed to organize and store a wide range of fuses, electrical accessories, consumables, and tools.


With a wide range of capacities, sizes, and styles, DINSTORAGE has a solution for your every application. With its quick-detach DIN rail mount, you can quickly and easily rearrange, relocate, and reconfigure units to accomodate future additions. Don’t have a DIN Rail? The DINSTORAGE line has a universal adhesive surface mount option.


Our housings are injection molded using UL temperature rated, impact resistant ABS materials to stand up to the harsh environments and abuse that comes from commercial and industrial applications.


The patented-pending DINSTORAGE family of products is the most capable and lowest cost DIN rail-compatible storage solution available.